Student Testimonials

What Our Students Say About Pentasoft

Anuj Shrestha (11-1) SLC 2015

Pentasoft is one of the institution where student like we get knowledge about different computer skills which are beneficial for the upcoming days. These courses help to sharpen our mind. Comparing with other institution I found this institute the best one and I feel like I am the right place.


Rekha Poudel (11-1) SLC 2015

Pentasoft is the best place to the one who are willing to learn about multimedia.


Sirasa Tuladhar (11-1) SLC 2015

Pentasoft is providing really interesting classes in which we are able to improve our computer skills. Learning here is the best way to utilize our time. I suggest people to come here and feel the differences.


Nura Devi Regmi (11-1) SLC 2015

I am really thankful to the well experienced and friendly teacher for improving my computer skill. My classes are good and I am so happy with myself for making a right decision to join here.


Parash Tamang (12-2) SLC 2015

Pentasoft is one of the top leading multimedia institutions where we can find the actual IT solution and guidance from the well experienced teacher. Each and every course is affordable which is one of the important today’s context. It does implement the concept of learn with fun I am so happy and satisfied learning here.


Bibek Gurung (12-2) SLC 2015

Pentasoft is the fun place for getting computer knowledge. The teachers are friendly and co operative here which helps me to understand each and every thing they teach. We can get proper experience related to the computer field.


Rebika Basnet (12-2) SLC 2015

Comparing other institution with Pentasoft, I get to know that it is the best among all. The friendly environment of the institute helps to understand everything we are learning. I am satisfied with everything about Pentasoft.


Atul Thapa Magar (12-2) SLC 2015

Pentasoft is the leading multimedia institution which provides various skills and techniques regarding the computer. Through this institute I am getting a chance to improve my computer skill. My spare times are used properly and the joining pentasoft is the best decision I have ever made.


Sagar Khadka (12-2) SLC 2015

Well experienced teacher, friendly environment and affordable cost are the best thing about pentasoft. Not only that it also given an individual attention which adds more colour to its perfection.


Shirish Shakya (12-2) SLC 2015

Pentasoft is the best place to gain knowledge about computer. It focuses on sharpening the creativity we have. There is no problem of load shedding and that’s freaking cool.


Angel Gurung (12-2) SLC 2015

The only word that can define Pentasoft is ‘exciting’. For me, Pentasoft is a place where both learning and fun exists. Common institutes would usually focus on providing education but pentasoft is different because pentasoft has achieved far more than just providing education. I have never felt to feel the friendly and wonderful environment here. I feel that I don’t regret coming here.


Sagar Shrestha (12-2) SLC 2015

Pentasoft is perfect on everything and on every possible way. I love pentasoft.


Sujan Budathoki (12-2) SLC 2015

Pentasoft is the most wonderful institution all over the world where I can learn and have fun. Pentasoft is the best.


Bibash Darji (12-2) SLC 2015

Pentasoft is one of the renowned institution which gives wonderful platform to explore our hidden talent. Here, we can find delicate and dynamic relationship between teacher and student. I hereby proudly say that pentasoft is the best among all.


Binuta Adhikari (12-2) SLC 2015

Pentasoft is one of the institution where we learners are taught theoretically and is more based on the practical knowledge. It really helps to show our ability and creativity in an innovative way. Pentasoft is one of the great place for the education seekers.


Moneec Pokhrel (12-2) SLC 2015

With a friendly environment and frank mentors it has been very easy to learn new thing about computers. Pentasoft is the best multimedia institution so far.


Nikesh Ghimire (12-2) SLC 2015

Pentasoft is one of the institution in the country which enhances the inner talent and improves as well. The leisure time can be managed properly. We can learn and have fun at the same time. The extraordinary teaching skills have made the environment so fantastic. I am glad I am here.


Sandesh Thapa (12-2) SLC 2015

Coming here and utilizing my spare time was the best decision I have made so far. I am satisfied with each and every thing. The facilities which are provided are beyond anyone’s imagination.